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Rodriguez, F.; Bräuning, A.; Gerique, A.; Behling, H. & Volland, F. (2013): Landscape History, Vegetation History and Past Human Impacts. In: Bendix, J., Beck, E., Bräuning, A., Makeschin, F., Mosandl, R., Scheu, S., Wilcke, W. (eds.): Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Environmental Change in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of South ( 221), Springer, 53-66.
Villota, A. & Behling, H. (2014): Late Glacial and Holocene environmental change inferred from the páramo of Cajanuma in the Podocarpus National Park, southern Ecuador. Caldasia 36, 345-364.
Villota, A. & Behling, H. (2013): Late Quaternary vegetation, climate and fire dynamics, human impact and evidence of past Polylepis populations in the northern Andean Depression inferred from the El Cristal record, in southeastern Ec. Ecotropica 19, 49-68.
Niemann, H.; Matthias, I.; Michalzik, B. & Behling, H. (2015): Late Holocene human impact and environmental change inferred from a multi-proxy lake sediment record in the Loja region, southeastern Ecuador. Quaternary Internation 308-309(308), 253.
Villota, A.; León Yánez, S. & Behling, H. (2012): Vegetation and environmental dynamics in the Páramo of Jimbura region in the southeastern Ecuadorian Andes during the late Quaternary. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 40, 85-93.
Schüler, L. & Behling, H. (2010): Poaceae pollen grain size as a tool to distinguish past grasslands in South America - a new methodological approach. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 20, 83-96.
Rodriguez, F. & Behling, H. (2012): Late Quaternary vegetation, climate and fire dynamics, and evidence of early to mid-Holocene Polylepis forests in the Jimbura region of the southernmost Ecuadorian Andes. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 350-352, 247-257.
Villota, A. & PUCE (2012): Estudio palinológico en las Lagunas Natosas, páramo de Jimbura, Provincia de Loja Potificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, other thesis
Rodriguez, F. & Behling, H. (2010): Late Holocene vegetation, fire, climate and upper forest line dynamics in the Podocarpus National Park, southeastern Ecuador. Vegetation History and Archeobotany --, 14 p..
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