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Guillen Otero, T.; Kessler, M. & Homeier, J. (2024): Fern mycorrhizae do not respond to fertilization in a tropical montane forest. Plant-Environment Interactions 5(2), e10139.
Schoen, J.; Tiede, Y.; Becker, M.; Donoso, D.A.; Homeier, J.; Limberger, O.; Bendix, J.; Farwig, N. & Brandl, R. (2023): Effects of leaf traits of tropical trees on the abundance and body mass of herbivorous arthropod communities. PLOS ONE -(-), 1 - 21.
Rollenbeck, R.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Bendix, J.; Rodriguez, R.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Guallpa, M.; Fries, A. & Celleri, R. (2022): The Coastal El Niño Event of 2017 in Ecuador and Peru: A Weather Radar Analysis. Remote Sensing 14(4), 824.
Laughlin, D.; Siefert, A.; Fleri, J.; Tumber-Davila, S.; Hammond, W.; Sabatini, F.; Damasceno, G.; Aubin, I.; Field, R.; Hatim, M.; Jansen, S.; Lenoir, J.; Lens, F.; McCarthy, J.; Niinemets, Ü.; Phillips, O.; Attorre, F.; Bergeron, Y.; Bruun, H.; Byun, C.; Custerevska, R.; Dengler, J.; De Sanctis, M.; Dolezal, J.; Jimenez-Alfaro, B.; Herault, B.; Homeier, J.; Kattge, J.; Meir, P.; Mencuccini, M.; Noroozi, J.; Nowak, A.; Penuelas, J.; Schmidt, M.; Skvorc, Z.; Sultana, F.; Magana Ugarte, R. & Bruelheide, H. (2023): Rooting depth and xylem vulnerability are independent woody plant traits jointly selected by aridity, seasonality, and water table depth. New Phytologist XX(XX), X-Y.
Alvarez Figueroa, P.A.; Velescu, A.; Pierick, K.; Homeier, J. & Wilcke, W. (2023): Carbon stable isotope ratios of dissolved organic matter as a tool to identify its sources and transformations in a tropical montane forest in Ecuador. Environmental Science and Technology 57, 14983−14993.
Moses, J.; Peters, M.K.; Tiede, Y.; Mottl, O.; Donoso, D.A.; Farwig, N.; Fayle, T.M.; Novotny, V.; Sanders, N.J. & Klimes, P. (2023): Nutrient use by tropical ant communities varies among three extensive elevational gradients: A cross-continental comparison. Global Ecology and Biogeography n/a(n/a), -.
Barczyk, M.; Acosta Rojas, D.C.; Espinosa, C.I.; Schleuning, M. & Neuschulz, E.L. (2023): Biotic pressures and environmental heterogeneity shape beta- diversity of seedling communities in tropical montane forests. Ecography e06538, 1-11.
Acosta Rojas, D.C.; Barczyk, M.; Espinosa, C.I.; Farwig, N.; Homeier, J.; Tiede, Y.; Velescu, A.; Tinoco, B.A.; Wilcke, W.; Neuschulz, E.L. & Schleuning, M. (2023): Abiotic factors similarly shape the distribution of fruit, seed and leaf traits in tropical fleshy-fruited tree communities. Acta Oecologica 121, 103953.
Acosta Rojas, D.C.; Barczyk, M.; Espinosa, C.I.; Tinoco, B.A.; Neuschulz, E.L. & Schleuning, M. (2023): Climate and microhabitat shape the prevalence of endozoochory in the seed rain of tropical montane forests. Biotropica 55, 408-417.
Knoke, T.; Hanley, N.; Roman-Cuesta, R.M.; Groom, B.; Venmans, F. & Paul, C. (2023): Trends in tropical forest loss and the social value of emission reductions. Nature Sustainability online, 1-15.
Cornejo, X.; Homeier, J. & Ulloa, C. (2023): Heisteria austroecuadorica (Erythropalaceae): A new species from southeastern Ecuador. Phytotaxa 599(3), 201-206.
Wurz, A.; Bendix, J.; Homeier, J.; Matt, F.; Paladines, P.; Serrano, F. & Farwig, N. (2023): A hidden gem in the Tumbesian dry forest in southern Ecuador: Estacon Cientfica Laipuna. ECOTROPICA 25(1/2), -.
Raffelsbauer, V.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Strobl, S.; Knüsting, J.; Schorsch, M.; Trachte, K.; Scheibe, R.; Bräuning, A.; Windhorst, D.; Bendix, J.; Silva, B. & Beck, E. (2023): Trees with anisohydric behavior as main drivers of nocturnal evapotranspiration in a tropical mountain rainforest. PloS ONE 18(3), 1-1.
Knoke, T.; Gosling, E. & Reith, E. (2022): Understanding and modelling the ambiguous impact of off-farm income on tropical deforestation. Journal of Land Use Science 17, 1-20.
Husmann, K.; von Groß, V.; Bödeker, K.; Fuchs, J.; Paul, C. & Knoke, T. (2022): optimLanduse: A package for multiobjective land-cover composition optimization under uncertainty. Methods in Ecology and Evolution Online, 1-10.
Zuidema, P.A.; Babst, F.; Groenendijk, P.; Trouet, V.; Abiyu, A.; Acuana-Soto, R.; Adenesky-Filho, E.; Alfaro-Sanchez, R.; Aragao, J.R.V.; Assis-Pereira, G.; Bai, X.; Barbosa, A.C.; Battipaglia, G.; Beeckman, H.; Botosso, P.C.; Bradley, T.; Bräuning, A.; Brienen, R.; Buckley, B.M.; Camarero, J.J.; Carvalho, A.; Ceccantini, G.; Centeno-Erguera, L.R.; Cerano-Paredes, J.; Chavez-Duran, A.A.; Cintra, B.B.L.; Cleaveland, M.K.; Couralet, C.; Arrigo, R.D.; Valle, J.I.; Dünisch, O.; Enquist, B.J.; Esemann-Quadros, K.; Eshetu, Z.; Fan, Z.; Ferrero, M.E.; Fichtler, E.; Fontana, C.; Francisco, K.S.; Gebrekirstos, A.; Gloor, E.; Granato-Souza, D.; Haneca, K.; Harley, G.L.; Heinrich, I.; Helle, G.; Inga, J.G.; Islam, M.; Jiang, Y.; Kaib, M.; Khamisi, Z.H.; Koprowski, M.; Kruijt, B.; Layme, E.; Leemans, R.; Leffler, A.J.; Lisi, C.S.; Loader, N.J.; Locosselli, G.M.; Lopez, L.; Lopez-Hernandez, M.I.; Lousada, J.L.P.C.; Mendivelso, H.A.; Mokria, M.; Montoia, V.R.; Moors, E.; Nabais, C.; Ngoma, J.; de Junior, F.C.N.; Oliveira, J.M.; Olmedo, G.M.; Pagotto, M.A.; Panthi, S.; Perez-De-Lis, G.; Pucha-Cofrep, D.; Pumijumnong, N.; Rahman, M.; Ramírez Correa, J.A.; Requena-Rojas, E.J.; de Ribeiro, A.S.; Robertson, I.; Roig, F.A.; Rubio-Camacho, E.A.; Sass-Klaassen, U.; Schöngart, J.; Sheppard, P.R.; Slotta, F.; Speer, J.H.; Therrell, M.D.; Toirambe, B.; Tomazello-Filho, M.; Torbenson, M.C.A.; Touchan, R.; Venegas-Gonzalez, A.; Villalba, R.; Villanueva-Diaz, J.; Vinya, R.; Vlam, M.; Wils, T. & Zhou, Z. (2022): Tropical tree growth driven by dry-season climate variability. Nature Geoscience 15, pages 269–276.
Pierick, K.; Leuschner, C.; Link, R.; Baez, S.; Velescu, A.; Wilcke, W. & Homeier, J. (2024): Above-and belowground strategies of tropical montane tree species are coordinated and driven by small-scale nitrogen availability. Functional Ecology X(X), X-Y.
Pierick, K.; Link, R.; Leuschner, C. & Homeier, J. (2022): Elevational trends of tree fine root traits in species-rich tropical Andean forests. Oikos x(x), x-x.
Báez, S.; Fadrique, B.; Feeley, K. & Homeier, J. (2022): Changes in tree functional composition across topographic gradients and through time in a tropical montane forest. PLOS ONE 17(4), e0263508.
Knoke, T.; Gosling, E.; Reith, E.; Gerique, A.; Pohle, P.; Valle-Carrión, L.A.; Ochoa Moreno, S.; Castro, L.M.; Calvas, B.; Hildebrandt, P.; Döllerer, M.; Bastit, F. & Paul, C. (2022): Confronting sustainable intensification with uncertainty and extreme values on smallholder tropical farms. Sustainability Science 0, 1-18.
Weigand, A.; Homeier, J.; Lehnert, M. & Kessler, M. (2022): Influence of increasing nutrient availability on fern and lycophyte diversity. American Fern Journal 112(1), 17-35.
Ostertag, R.; Restrepo, C.; Dalling, J.W.; Martin, P.H.; Abiem, I.; Aiba, S.; Alvarez-Dávila, E.; Aragón, R.; Ataroff, M.; Chapman, H.; Cueva, A.; Fadrique, B.; Fernández, R.D.; González, G.; Gotsch, S.G.; Häger, A.; Homeier, J.; Iñiguez-Armijos, C.; Llambi, L.D.; Moore, G.W.; Næsborg, R.R.; Poma López, L.N.; Vieira Pompeu, P.; Powell, J.R.; Ramírez Correa, J.A.; Scharnagl, K.; Tobón, C. & Williams, C.B. (2021): Litter decomposition rates across tropical montane and lowland forests are controlled foremost by climate. Biotropica 54(2), 309-326.
Muñoz, P.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Bendix, J.; Feyen, J. & Celleri, R. (2021): Flood Early Warning Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques: The Case of the Tomebamba Catchment at the Southern Andes of Ecuador. Hydrology 8(4), -.
Wallis, C.; Tiede, Y.; Beck, E.; Boehning-Gaese, K.; Brandl, R.; Donoso, D.A.; Espinosa, C.; Fries, A.; Homeier, J.; Inclan, D.; Leuschner, C.; Maraun, M.; Mikolajewski, K.; Neuschulz, E.L.; Scheu, S.; Schleuning, M.; Suárez, J.P.; Tinoco, B.A.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2021): Biodiversity and ecosystem functions depend on environmental conditions and resources rather than the geodiversity of a tropical biodiversity hotspot. Scientific Reports 11(1), 24530.
Fiedler, K. & Brehm, G. (2021): Aposematic Coloration of Moths Decreases Strongly along an Elevational Gradient in the Andes. Insects 12(10), -.
Cueva, A.; Manchego, C.; Bastidas, C. & Curto, M. (2021): Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for two subspecies of Handroanthus chrysanthus. Rodriguésia 72(e00722020), 6.
Vollstaedt, M.; Albrecht, J.; Boehning-Gaese, K.; Hemp, C.; Howell, K.; Kettering, L.; Neu, A.; Neuschulz, E.; Quitian, M.; Santillan, V.; Töpfer, T.; Schleuning, M. & Fritz, S. (2020): Direct and plant-mediated effects of climate on bird diversity in tropical mountains. Ecology and Evolution 10(24), 14196-14208.
Dehling, D.; Bender, I.M.; Blendinger, P.; Boehning-Gaese, K.; Munoz, M.; Neuschulz, E.; Quitian, M.; Saavedra, F.; Santillan, V.; Schleuning, M. & stouffer, D. (2021): Specialists and generalists fulfil important and complementary functional roles in ecological processes. Functional Ecology 35(8), 1810-1821.
Velescu, A.; Homeier, J.; Bendix, J.; Valarezo, C. & Wilcke, W. (2021): Response of water-bound fluxes of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium to nutrient additions in an Ecuadorian tropical montane forest. Forest Ecology and Management 501(119661), 1-14.
Dantas De Paula, M.; Forrest, M.; Langan, L.; Bendix, J.; Homeier, J.; Velescu, A.; Wilcke, W. & Hickler, T. (2021): Nutrient cycling drives plant community trait assembly and ecosystem functioning in a tropical mountain biodiversity hotspot. New Phytologist -(-), -.
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