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From the 2008 DFG press release:
With today's launch of DFG Science TV, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is breaking new ground in science communication. This project, which is unique in Germany to date, presents exceptional research projects in short films via the Internet. The Marburg-based research group "Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of a Megadiverse Mountain Ecosystem in Southern Ecuador" will be there: "We were selected by the DFG as one of ten projects," explains Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix, speaker of the research group, which has been funded by the DFG since May 2007. The film, which will be broadcast in ten episodes over the next three months, will run under the title "Threatened Mountain Forest".
Thanks to Peter Prestel, the producer of the movies, for permission.

Chapter 1: The Mountain Rainforest – A Burning Topic

Chapter 2: In the Heart of the Research Domain

Chapter 3: Pristine Forest and Pasture

Chapter 4: At Over 3,200 Metres

Chapter 5: Waterways

Chapter 6: Taking Stock at a Lofty Height

Chapter 7: A Free Meal

Chapter 8: Oribatid Mites, the Nutrient Suppliers

Chapter 9: A Symbiotic Biocoenosis

Chapter 10: Bracken Fern vs. Meadow Grass

Chapter 11: From Pasture to Forest

Chapter 12: Know-How for Ecuador

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