An interdisciplinary group of environmental modellers and researchers from Geo- and Biosciences are jointly working in RESPECT (Fig. left).

The Research Unit is subdivided into two subprograms (A, B) and a coordination project (Z) where the latter is responsible for administration and data management (Fig right).

Subprogram A is devoted to parameterization, extending and evaluating the regional LSM and will conduct the final modelling synthesis. It delivers the climate change scenarios required for hypothesis testing, and supports LSM modelling by providing abiotic covariates and optical traits.

Subprogram B provides the selected biotic above- and below-ground traits, their variability and their relationship with biotic interactions, which are required for the parameterization of the LSM-PFTs. The covariates of subprogram A provide the abiotic basis for the REF synthesis, which is conducted

within this subprogram.