PAK 927/1: CorsiClimAte - Seasonal and topographic partitioning of vapor transport, cloud and precipitation in Corsica, with special reference to PBL height [funded by DFG] - Status: closed

Project staff:

Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix


Precipitation dynamics in Corsica will be investigated to unveil the interplay between local breeze Systems, large-scale circulation and topography. A classification of typical precipitation weather types affecting the Corsica region will be applied to account for the largeand local-scale (coupled land/sea/mountain breeze systems) influence. The local-scale characteristics and the interplay will be analysed with special reference to the development of the planetary boundary layer (PBL) as a discriminating proxy between the surface affected and the free atmosphere. Along an altitudinal transect from west to east, measurements of meteorological parameters will provide temporal high resolution precipitation and PBL information at different heights and expositions. Further, based on high resolution spatialexplicit cloud and precipitation maps derived from remote-sensing and ground-based observations the diurnal cycle of precipitation dynamics for entire Corsica related to the defined weather types will be examine. The underlying mechanisms as well as the cross-scale processes of PBL development and precipitation formation will be reflected in high resolution numerical modelling simulations. With the application of back-trajectory modelling sources and pathways of atmospheric vapour for the precipitation generation will be investigated, which may enable a proper interpretation of d18O measurements in the Corsican archives (water and tree rings) as required for the other projects of PAK 927.


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