Z2 Administration and Coordination [funded by DFG]

PI(s) for this project:

Dr. Felix Matt
Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix


Central Services - Coordination and Administration


The central project Z2 is responsible for the administration of the Research Unit. This encompasses: (i) running the ECSF research station (Estacion Científica San Francisco) and taking care of the collective scientific and logistic infrastructure in cooperation with the local staff and the counterparts; (ii) administration of the common finances for rent of the station (25 work places and beds), for the project cars, the scientific equipment, and payment of local staff (drivers, workers, student helpers, trainees); (iii) rationing of the global budget of the Research Unit, which encompasses travelling cost of the members and funds for jointly used laboratory equipment and materials (e.g. fertilizer); (iv) fostering the communication and cooperation between the individual projects of the Research Unit. A second major goal of the Central Services project is to stimulate joint publications on the basis of the data deposited in the data warehouse. In particular synoptic work will be promoted targeting ecosystem functioning and stability. This kind of synthetic research will address 3 main objectives: (1) Ecosystem functioning and regulating services, (2) provisioning ecosystem services – pinpointing the optimal sustainable land use management for the San Francisco Valley and (3) interactions and impacts of global and local environmental changes on preserving and regulating services.