T2 Knowledge Transfer in South Ecuador: RADARNET SUR - Operational rainfall monitoring in southern Ecuador [funded by -]

PI(s) for this project:

Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix


The aim of the transfer project is to develop and implement a prototype of a rainfall monitoring system for southern Ecuador, specifically covering the whole province of Loja and the south of the Azuay province. This will enable a permanent monitoring of rainfall for different ecosystems like the highly humid Andean mountain region, the arid western parts of the coastal hills and mountains and the important watershed of the Paute River, which provides water for the most important hydro power plant in Ecuador. The radar network provides spatio-temporal rainfall data to integrative biodiversity research activities.



radar network SE

The existing radar from the research unit 816 recently has been updated and transferred to a new location, which enables better operation conditions. Two new radars are required to cover the arid west of the Loja province (CEXX, close to Celica) and the Azuay province (CUXX, close to Cuenca, see map).

For the cooperation partner, the following aspects can be addressed with the help of the proposed precipitation-monitoring scheme

  • Risk assessment maps with respect to erosion and land slides
  • Hydrological studies for transportation infrastructure (required surface type, drainage systems, maintenance planning)
  • Land use potential and irrigation needs (evaporation and precipitation)
  • Risk assessment of climate variability and climate change
  • Planning and execution of reforestation
  • Planning of sowing and harvest for each climatic subregion within the province
  • Improvement of hydro power management


Cooperation partner:


Gobierno Provincial de Loja

  • Ing. Rubén Bustamante, Prefecto Provincial
  • Ing. Giovanny Segarra R., Coordinador Loja
  • Rafael Sanchez, Tecnico

Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja

  • Juan Pablo Suarez


  • Ing. Alfredo Martinez

Universidad de Cuenca

  • Dr. Rolando Celleri