a.k.a. Frequently Asked Questions

You may find useful tips and tricks here on how to use the ssf website.

If you have questions (or answers), send them to webmaster@ssf-hydrology.org

  • How to register a new user to my subproject?

  • How to add a publication to the datawarehouse?

  • I can not login. What to do?

    1. Check typing your username and password. Both is case sensitive. User name is firstname.lastname (in lower case).
    2. Order a new password by the "password lost" button. Log in with the new password that is sent to your deposited email address.
    3. If your account is invalid or disabled, please contact your subproject PI (see "About us" > "Subprojects" > "Staff). He/She can check your username, set a new "valid until date" and enable your account.
  • How do I cite a dataset?

    A scientific correct structure to reference to a dataset (DS) as an online resource is:

    “DS-Creator/s (Publication year YYYY): DS-Title. Online available (data_pre.do?citid=DS-ID) from DFG-FOR816dw. [Date of download: YYYY-MM-DD]”.

    Like every reference to an internet resource via URL, you should give the “Date of access” or “Date of download”.
    In this way it is easy to trace back whether the dataset had received a new timestamp (“Last updated”) in the meantime as a result of a change, correction or update.


    Peters T. and Richter M. (2011): Climate Station Data Pasto Abraham. Available online (data_pre.do?citid=970) from DFG-FOR816dw. [Date of download: 2011-07-23].

  • How do I upload and publish a publication to the data warehouse?

    You can add publications of interest for the research platform to the data warehouse publication list. You are free to add only the bibliographic information or to upload as additionally a file containing the text (article, report, book, thesis).

    To add a publication you have to be logged in. Use the "Publications > Add Publication" interface to enter all data. Use the preview function before submitting the form. Publications can not be edited afterwards by the user.

  • How do I upload and publish a dataset to the data warehouse?

    Adding new data to the data warehouse is done via the "Data > Platform data > Add new dataset" interface. You have to choose whether you want to upload tabular data or spatial raster data. In both cases you have to prepare your data files and collect some metadata. A detailed instruction can be found here: "Help > Data Service > Upload and maintenance datasets". There is also described how to add data to an existing dataset, how to fix incorrect data, and how to complete the metadata later.

  • I forgot my password, how do i get a new one?

    You can request a new password by clicking on the "Lost password?" button in the top right part of the website. Here you have to enter your username, which is in the following format: "firstname.lastname". After that we will send you an eMail to the address you have registered with your account. In this eMail is a link which you have to click. After that you will be sent your new password.


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