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ASOS-E SEST, Isla San Cristobal
Dataset ID: 35
Last updated: 2024-07-15
Dataset creators: Nazli Turini
Contact: Maik Dobbermann
Nazli Turini
Temporal coverage: 2022-03-31 14:00:00 - 2024-07-13 22:00:00 - time zone: Pacific/Galapagos
Geographic coverage: Galapagos METAR Station on Isla San Cristobal (SEST)
Abstract: Data are retrieved from https://mesonet.agron.iast...
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | climate station | METAR | ASOS |
Intellectual rights: Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Entity name: 20221108_sest_202203310000_202204010000.txt_readytoupload
Entity type:dataTable
Station name (station)
Date and Time (datetime)
Air temperature average (T) [Degrees Celsius]
Relative humidity average (RH) [Percent]
Wind direction (WD) [Degree]
Wind speed average (WS) [Meter per second]
precipitation (PCP) [Millimeter]
Pressure altimeter in hecto pascal (alt) [Hectopascal]
Sea Level Pressure in millibar (mslp) [Millibar]
Visibility in km (vsby) [Kilometer]
Wind Gust in meter per second (gust) [Meter per second]
Sky Level 1 Coverage (skyc1)
Sky Level 2 Coverage (skyc2)
Sky Level 3 Coverage (skyc3)
Sky Level 4 Coverage (skyc4)
Sky Level 1 Altitude in meter (skyl1) [Meter]
Sky Level 2 Altitude in meter (skyl2) [Meter]
Sky Level 3 Altitude in meter (skyl3) [Meter]
Sky Level 4 Altitude in meter (skyl4) [Meter]
Present Weather Codes (wxcodes)
Ice Accretion over 1 Hour in mm (ice_accretion_1hr) [Millimeter]
Ice Accretion over 3 Hour in mm (ice_accretion_3hr) [Millimeter]
Ice Accretion over 6 Hour in mm (ice_accretion_6hr) [Millimeter]
Peak Wind Gust in meter per seconds (peak_wind_gust) [Meter per second]
Peak Wind Direction in degree (peak_wind_drct) [Degree]
Peak Wind Gust Time (peak_wind_time)
Apparent Temperature (Wind Chill or Heat Index) in degree celsius (T_feel) [Degrees Celsius]
unprocessed reported observation in METAR format (metar)
Dew Point Temperature in degree celsius (dwp) [Degrees Celsius]

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