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Gas exchange. Porometry measurements for liane.
Dataset ID: 945
Last updated: 2011-03-29
Dataset creators: Thomas Motzer
Contact: Thomas Motzer
Temporal coverage: 2001-01-18 12:21:00 - 2001-03-13 18:28:00
Geographic coverage: Q2.2
Abstract: Aufgenommen wurden alle Bäume des Untersuchungspl...
Additional info: Original data: FOR402 (Phase 2) ID: 50705, 50707;...
Keywords: | Gas exchange | Porometry | liane |
Intellectual rights: FOR816 data user agreement
1. Entity:
Entity name: Gas exchange of liane.
Entity type:dataTable
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
Species name (Species) (Unitless)
Family name (Family) (Unitless)
Height of a tree (tree_height) [Meter]
ID of the leaf (LeafID) (Unitless)
Air flow in the cuvette (porometry_cuvette_airflow) [Cubic centimeter per second]
Temperature in the cuvette (porometry_cuvette_temp) [Degrees Celsius]
Leaf Temperature (temp_leaf) [Degrees Celsius]
Relative humidity in the cuvette (porometry_cuvette_rh) [Percent]
Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) [Micromol per square meter and second]
Total leaf conductance (LeafCond_total) [Micromol per square meter per second]
Leaf transpiration (LeafTrans) [Millimol per square meter per second]
Saturation Vapor Pressure in the leaf (SVP_leaf) [Kilopascal]
Saturation Vapor Pressure in the cuvette (SVP_cuvette) [Kilopascal]
Molar fraction (Leaf_mf) [Pascal per kilopascal]
remarks (remarks) (Unitless)

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