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Alnus acuminata in Silvopasture system, net revenues
Dataset ID: 866
Last updated: 2010-06-15
Dataset creators: Baltazar Calvas
Thomas Knoke
Contact: Baltazar Calvas
Temporal coverage: 2008-08-08 19:20:00 - 2009-06-17 19:21:00
Geographic coverage: cities of Loja and Zamora, Corazon de Oro
Abstract: This Silvopasture system start with 320 trees pla...
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | native species | reforestation | Alnus acuminata | cost | silvopasture |
Intellectual rights: FOR816 data user agreement
1. Entity:
Entity name: Silvopasture with andean alder
Entity type:dataTable
Option scenario (option_scenario) (Unitless)
PlantUse (PlantUse) (Unitless)
Tree age (Tree_age) [Year]
Tree density (Tree_density) [One per square meter]
Percentage of thinning (thinning_percentage) [Percent]
trees harvested (tree_harvested) (Unitless)
Tree diameter in breast height (Tree_dbh) [Meter]
Height of a tree (tree_height) [Meter]
Tree commercial height (tree_ch) [Meter]
Tree total volume (tree_tv) [Cubic meter]
Tree commercial volume (tree_cv) [Cubic meter]
Poles (poles) (Unitless)
Fuelwood (fuelwood) [Cubic meter]
Timber (timber) [Cubic meter]
Poles revenues (poles_rev) [US-Dollar]
Fuelwood revenues (fuelwood_rev) [US-Dollar]
Timber revenues (timber_rev) [US-Dollar]
Poles costs (poles_cost) [US-Dollar]
Fuelwood costs (fuelwood_cost) [US-Dollar]
timber costs (timber_cost) [US-Dollar]
Poles net-revenue (poles_nr) [US-Dollar]
Fuelwood net-revenue (fuelwood_nr) [US-Dollar]
Timber net-revenue (timber_nr) [US-Dollar]
Net present values of poles (poles_npv) [US-Dollar]
Net present values of fuelwood (fuelwood_npv) [US-Dollar]
Net present values of timber (timber_npv) [US-Dollar]

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