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Climate station data from Campbell Pastos station 2018
Dataset ID: 1718
Last updated: 2019-09-20
Dataset creators: Jörg Bendix
Maik Dobbermann
Niklas Werner
Contact: Johannes Schmidt
Maik Dobbermann
Jörg Bendix
Temporal coverage: 2018-03-08 02:05:00 - 2018-12-10 10:05:00
Geographic coverage: ECSF pasture
Abstract: ---
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | climate | Pastos | Climate Data | climate station | campbell |
Intellectual rights: RESPECT
1. Entity:
Entity name: 101218_geg_camp_out
Entity type:dataTable
Infraredcase_1 (ATT_C_1_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredcase_2 (ATT_C_2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredcase_3 (ATT_C_3_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredcase_4 (ATT_C_4_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredcase_5 (ATT_C_5_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredleaf_1 (CTT_C_1_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredleaf_2 (CTT_C_2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredleaf_3 (CTT_C_3_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredleaf_4 (CTT_C_4_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Infraredleaf_5 (CTT_C_5_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
radiation balance (QR_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
Soilheatflux_1 (hfp01sc_1_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
Soilheatflux_2 (hfp01sc_2_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
Soilheatflux_3 (hfp01sc_3_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
Soilheatflux_4 (hfp01sc_4_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
barometric pressure (BP_hPa) [Hectopascal]
air temperature 2m (AirTC_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
air temperature 0.5m (AirTC_2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
relative humidity 2m (RH_Avg) [Percent]
relative humidity 0.5m (RH_2_Avg) [Percent]
precipitation (regen_Tot) [Millimeter]
shortwave up (CM3Up_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
shortwave down (CM3Dn_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
longwave up (CG3Up_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
longwave down (CG3Dn_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
casetemp radiation (CNR1TC_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
shortwave radiation (NetRs_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
longwave radiation (NetRl_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
Albedo (Albedo_Avg) [Percent]
total net radiation up (UpTot_Avg) [Percent]
total net radiation down (DnTot_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
total net radiation (NetTot_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
temcorrectedCG3 up (CG3upCo_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
temcorrectedCG3 down (CG3DnCo_Avg) [Watt per square meter]
wind speed (WSData_S_WVT) [Meter per second]
wind direction (WSData_D1_WVT) [Degree]
diagnostics (WSData_SD1_WVT) [Unitless]
wind gusts (max/5 min) (WS_ms_Max) [Meter per second]
diagnostics (WSDiag) [Unitless]
wetness (LW_kOhm_Avg) [Kiloohm]
average soil temperature 1 (TCAV_1_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
average soil temperature 2 (TCAV_2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
average soil temperature 3 (TCAV_3_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature 0.5m (sTemp50_1_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature 0.5m (sTemp50_2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature 0.5m (sTemp50_3_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil water (soil_water_T_1_Avg) [Percent]
soil water (soil_water_T_2_Avg) [Percent]
soil water (soil_water_T_3_Avg) [Percent]
soil temperature 0.01m (pt1000_a5_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature 0.05m (pt1000_a2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature 0.01m (pt1000_b5_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature 0.05m (pt1000_b2_Avg) [Degrees Celsius]
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
2. Entity:
Entity name: pasture_c_260418.csv_upload
Entity type:dataTable
Section (Section) (Unitless)
SectionSubsection (Subsection) (Unitless)
Question (Question) (Unitless)
Answer (Answer) (Unitless)
Explain (Explain) (Unitless)
Action taken (Action_taken) (Unitless)
Comment (Comment) (Unitless)
Datetime of specific event (eventdatetime) (Unitless)
Person who inspects (inspector) (Unitless)
Name of site (sitename) (Unitless)

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