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Scintillometer measurements on pasture
Dataset ID: 1553
Last updated: 2017-03-07
Dataset creators: Brenner Silva
Contact: Brenner Silva
Temporal coverage: 2013-11-11 15:20:00 - 2013-11-19 18:25:00
Geographic coverage: ECSF pasture
Abstract: Measurements were carried out by using a surface l...
Additional info: Silva, B.; Strobl, S.; Bendix, J. & Beck, E. (2016...
Keywords: | climate | pasture | Climate - Evaporation - Evapotranspiration - Hydrologic cycle - Relative air humidity - Transpiratio | Evapotranspiration | scintillometry |
Intellectual rights: PAK 823-825 data user agreement. (
1. Entity:
Entity name: 2013-11-19_5min
Entity type:dataTable
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
Sensible Heat Flux density (heatflux_sensible) [Watt per square meter]
Wind velocity under atmospheric friction drag (friction_velocity) [Meter per second]
Force generated by molecular diffusion (momentum_flux) [Newton per square meter]
Latent Heat Flux (heatflux_latent) [Watt per square meter]
Water Evapotranspiration (evapotranspiration) [Millimeter per hour]
Atmospheric Pressure (pressure_atm) [Hectopascal]
Air humidity 2m (Huma_2m) [Percent]
air temperature in 2m (Ta_2m) [Degrees Celsius]
air temperature in 30cm (Ta_30cm) [Degrees Celsius]
radiation balance 20m (Q) [Watt per square meter]
Soil Heat Flux at 10cm (heatflux_soil_10cm) [Watt per square meter]
precipitation (PCP) [Millimeter]

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