Overview of subprojects

A1 Changes of water and carbon fluxes in mountain wet and dry forests under environmental changes - observations, area-wide remote sensing and LSMAtmo.

A2 From field scale eco-hydrological process understanding to landscape scale water fluxes.

A3 Nutrient supply as driver of biomass production and associated ecosystem water fluxes along a land-use and climate gradient

A4 Plant functional trait diversity, biotic interactions and ecosystem processes in nutrient- versus water-limited tropical mountain forests.

A5 Innovative scenarios of land-use change - simulating shifts in land allocation under climate change at landscape and ecosystem scales.

B1 Linking tree above- and belowground traits across gradients of elevation and climate in highly diverse tropical montane forests.

B2 Tree physiological and structural properties as response and effect traits of biotic-atmospheric interactions in natural and anthropogenic eco-systems in South Ecuador.

B3 Trait-dependent effects of abiotic and biotic filters on plant regeneration in mountain dry forest and mountain rain forest.

B4 How abiotic drivers and trait diversity shape herbivory and other biotic processes with consequences for ecosystem functions across mountain ecosystems.

X1 Phenology of tropical tree species – environmental cues, molecular mechanisms, and consequences for plant-animal interactions

Z1 Coordination