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Liebermann, R.; Kraft, P.; Houska, T.; Müller, C.; Haas, E.; Kraus, D.; Klatt, S.; Kiese, R. & Breuer, L. (2014-07-15). Simulating fluxes of N and C under elevated atmospheric CO2 in a coupled ecosystem response model. Presented at BIOGEOMON 2014, Bayreuth, Germany.
Jeffery, S.; Verheijen, F.G.A.; Kammann, C. & Abalos, D. (2016): Biochar effects on methane emissions from soils: A meta-analysis. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 101, 251-258

Liebermann, R.; Kraft, P.; Houska, T.; Müller, C.; Kraus, D.; Klatt, S.; Haas, E. & Breuer, L. (2016-09-21). How groundwater controls the cycles of C and N - A modelling study from a temperate grassland experiment. Presented at 9thAnnual GGL Conference 2016, Giessen, Germany.
Müller, C. & Moser, G. (2018): Global Change Biology Introduction - FACEing the future conference. Global Change Biology 9, 3873-3874
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