Working packages


The DARWIN approach includes three work packages


WP1: Observation of meteorolgical data (contribution from all)
WP2: Rainfall retrieval by remotely sensed data. The Galápagos Rainfall Retrieval (GRR) is devleoped to deliver area-wide rainfall data (main contributions from UMR, UDA and UC).
WP3: Weather data generation by dynamic downscaling of the WRF model to deliver area-wide weather data (including rainfall) (main contributions from TUB).
All work packages are combined to gain thorough knowlegde about the Galápagos rain wáter services in space and time.




Synthesis: The data of all WPs are finally combined to (i) assess the uncertainty of the methods in the representation of the different rainfall types and (ii) to answer the research questions on the area-wide availability of atmospheric rain water services under normal and extreme synoptic conditions.
For this, the consortium combines expertise in advanced climatic observation techniques (WP1, all project partners), in remote sensing based rainfall retrieval (WP2 University of Marburg, University of Azuay, University of Cuenca) and in dynamical downscaling (WP3 Technical University of Berlin). Furthermore, the scientific program is support by the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galápagos National Park Administration.


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