Dr. Katja Trachte

Katja Trachte
Member in IT department | Member in DFG PAK 823-825: Climate indicators on the local scale for past, present and future | Member in PAK 927/1: CorsiClimAte - Seasonal and topographic partitioning of vapor transport, cloud and precipitation in Corsica, with special reference to PBL height |


Curriculum vitae

I am currently working at the Ruhr University Bochum. Please visit



PhD 02/2011 "Cold air drainage flows and their relation to the formation of nocturnal convective clouds at the eastern Andes of South Ecuador"

Diploma thesis (2006) "Sensitivitätsstudie zur raumzeitlichen Niederschlagssimulation über dem Alpenraum mit dem Mesoskalenmodell ARPS"

Scientific interest

  • Boundary-layer processes
  • orographic-induced cloud and precipitation dynamics
  • Interactions between land surface and atmosphere
  • climate change in tropical mountainous areas
  • Numerical modelling





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