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Zeilinger, J. (2010): <b>Soil texture young landslide.</b> <i>Available online ( from DFG-FOR816dw.</i>

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Title: Soil texture young landslide
Short Name: Soil texture young landslide
FOR816dw ID: 733
Publication Date: 2010-04-26
Last Update Date: 2010-04-27
License and Usage Rights: FOR816 data user agreement
Temporal Coverage:
Begin: 2002-08-01
End: 2002-08-01
Geographic Coverage:
Geographic Description: young landslide - in front of the ECSF Station on the other side of the San Francisco River
Bounding Coordinates:
- lon/lat [degrees]
- WGS 84
North: -3.97151° Max:
West: -79.0785° East: -79.0782° Elevation
South: -3.97184° Min:
Dataset Owner(s):
Individual: Joerg Zeilinger
Soil texture were sampled in the young landslide in front of the station, on the other side of the San Francisco river. Soil samples were analysed in the laboratory of the University of Bayreuth.
| soil texture | young landslide | derrumbe joven | ECSF |
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Table Name: Soil texture young landslide
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Metadata Provider:
Individual: Folkert Bauer
Contact Person:
Individual: Bernd Huwe
Individual: Folkert Bauer
Individual: Joerg Zeilinger
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Data Publisher:
Organization: DFG-FOR816 Data Warehouse - University of Marburg, Department of Geography

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