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Lie&szlig;, M.; Glaser, B. &amp; Huwe, B. (2009): <b>Digital Soil Mappingin Southern Ecuador</b>. <i>Erdkunde</i> <b>63</b>, 309-319.

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Title: Digital Soil Mappingin Southern Ecuador
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Publication Date: 2009-12-08
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Individual: Mareike Ließ
Individual: Bruno Glaser
Individual: Bernd Huwe
Soil landscape modelling is based on understanding the spatial distribution patterns of soil characteristics. A model relating the soil?s properties to its position within the landscape is used to predict soil properties in other similar landscape positions. To develop soil landscape models, the interaction of geographic information technology, advanced statistics and soil science is needed. The focus of this work is to predict the distribution of the different soil types in a tropical mountain forest area in southern Ecuador from relief and hydrological parameters using a classification tree model (CART) for soil regionalisation. Soils were sampled along transects from ridges towards side valley creeks using a sampling design with 24 relief units. Major soil types of the research area are Histosols associated with Stagnosols, Cambisols and Regosols. Umbrisols and Leptosols are present to a lesser degree. Stagnosols gain importance with increasing altitude and with decreasing slope angle. Umbrisols are to be found only on slopes <30°. Cambisols occurrence might be related to landslides.The CART model was established by a data set of 315 auger sampling points. Bedrock and relief curvature had no influence on model development. Applying the CART model to the research area Histosols and Stagnosols were identified as dominant soil types. Model prediction left out Cambisols and overestimated Umbrisols, but showed a realistic prediction<br/> for Histosols, Stagnosols and Leptosols.
| Ecuador | tropical montane forest | CART | GIS | soil-landscape modeling |
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Journal: Erdkunde
Volume: 63
Page Range: 309-319
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Individual: Bernhard Runzheimer
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