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Volland, F. (2009): <b>cumulative radial change from different tree species.</b> <i>Available online ( from DFG-FOR816dw.</i>

Resource Description

Title: cumulative radial change from different tree species
Short Name: cumulative radial change
FOR816dw ID: 571
Publication Date: 2009-06-22
Last Update Date: 2009-06-22
License and Usage Rights: FOR816 data user agreement
Temporal Coverage:
Begin: 2007-03-17
End: 2009-02-28
Geographic Coverage:
Geographic Description: Tree Measurement AG Bräuning
Bounding Coordinates:
- lon/lat [degrees]
- WGS 84
North: -3.97259° Max:
West: -79.0769° East: -79.0769° Elevation
South: -3.97259° Min: 1957.0 ( meter )
Dataset Owner(s):
Individual: Franziska Volland
Associated Person(s):
Individual: Achim Bräuning
Individual: Oswaldo Ganzhi
Additional Infos:
TreeID 2003 = Cedrela montana
| tree growth | dendrometer | radial growth change |
Associated entities to this dataset:
-------- 1 . data table entity --------
Table Name: cumulative radial change
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Attribute(s) ...
Metadata Provider:
Individual: Franziska Volland
Contact Person:
Individual: Franziska Volland
Online Distribution:
Download File:
Data Publisher:
Organization: DFG-FOR816 Data Warehouse - University of Marburg, Department of Geography

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