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B&uuml;cker, A. &amp; Breuer, L. (2009): <b>Water Chemistry of a pasture stream ('Quebrada Cruzes').</b> <i>Available online ( from DFG-FOR816dw.</i>

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Title: Water Chemistry of a pasture stream ('Quebrada Cruzes')
Short Name: WaterChemPastureStream2
FOR816dw ID: 536
Publication Date: 2009-06-19
Last Update Date: 2009-06-19
License and Usage Rights: FOR816 data user agreement
Temporal Coverage:
Begin: 2007-09-25
End: 2008-06-21
Geographic Coverage:
Geographic Description: PastureStream2 (Q.Cruces)
Bounding Coordinates:
- lon/lat [degrees]
- WGS 84
North: -3.58106° Max: 1830.0 ( meter )
West: -79.0424° East: -79.0424° Elevation
South: -3.58106° Min: 1830.0 ( meter )
Dataset Owner(s):
Individual: Amelie Bücker
Individual: Lutz Breuer
Water chemistry measured weekly to biweekly in the second pasture stream which we named Q.Cruces because it used to have three crosses right where it met the road (they have been removed now)<br/>
Additional Infos:
When the time is 00:00:00 that means we did not take the time or are unsure of it<br/>
| electric conductivity | water quality | stream water | hydrochemistry |
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-------- 1 . data table entity --------
Table Name: WaterChemPastureStream2
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Metadata Provider:
Individual: Amelie Bücker
Contact Person:
Individual: Amelie Bücker
Individual: Lutz Breuer
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Data Publisher:
Organization: DFG-FOR816 Data Warehouse - University of Marburg, Department of Geography

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