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Velescu, A. &amp; Wilcke, W. (2017): <b>Weekly precipitation, electrical conductivity and pH at the FN3 site (T2 / ECSF climate station) between 2000-2016.</b> <i>Available online ( from DFG-FOR816dw.</i>

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Title: Weekly precipitation, electrical conductivity and pH at the FN3 site (T2 / ECSF climate station) between 2000-2016
Short Name: Weekly precipitation, EC and pH at FN3 2000-2016
FOR816dw ID: 1675
Publication Date: 2017-09-27
Last Update Date: 2017-10-02
License and Usage Rights: PAK 823-825 data user agreement. (
Temporal Coverage:
Begin: 2000-05-10
End: 2016-12-28
Geographic Coverage:
Geographic Description: ECSF climate station
Bounding Coordinates:
- lon/lat [degrees]
- WGS 84
North: -3.97254° Max:
West: -79.0763° East: -79.0763° Elevation
South: -3.97254° Min: 1957.0 ( meter )
Dataset Owner(s):
Individual: Andre Velescu
Individual: Wolfgang Wilcke
Associated Person(s):
Individual: Andre Velescu
Individual: Jose Luis Pena Caivinagua
Individual: Jimmy Alexander Villalta
Individual: Jens Boy
Individual: Hans Wullaert
Individual: Rainer Goller
Individual: Katrin Fleischbein
Individual: Thorsten Pohlert
Individual: Jana Knuth
Individual: Maren Meyer-Grünefeldt
Individual: Myra Sequeira
Individual: Arthur Broadbent
Individual: Tobias Fabian
Weekly time series of precipitation data from the ECSF area at the measuring station FN3 located on T2 near the ECSF meteorological station. Precipitation was measured with 5 Hellmann-type pluviometers. The resulting weekly replicates of precipitation were volume-weighted and bulked to one sample per collecting interval. Electrical conductivity and pH values were measured immediately in unfiltered aliquots in the laboratory at the ECSF.
| precipitation | electric conductivity | ECSF | pH values | time series |
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Table Name: fn3_precipitation_water_fluxes_ph_ec_v1
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Metadata Provider:
Individual: Andre Velescu
Contact Person:
Individual: Wolfgang Wilcke
Individual: Andre Velescu
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Data Publisher:
Organization: DFG-FOR816 Data Warehouse - University of Marburg, Department of Geography

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