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Windhorst, D.; Kraft, P.; Timbe, E.; Frede, H. &amp; Breuer, L. (2014): <b>Stable water isotope tracing through hydrological models for disentangling runoff generation processes at the hillslope scale</b>. <i>Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci.</i> <b>18</b>(10), 4113-4127.

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Title: Stable water isotope tracing through hydrological models for disentangling runoff generation processes at the hillslope scale
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Publication Date: 2014-10-16
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Individual: David Windhorst
Individual: Philipp Kraft
Individual: Edison Timbe
Individual: Hans-Georg Frede
Individual: Lutz Breuer
Hillslopes are the dominant landscape components<br/> where incoming precipitation becomes groundwater, streamflow<br/> or atmospheric water vapor. However, directly observing<br/> flux partitioning in the soil is almost impossible. Hydrological<br/> hillslope models are therefore being used to investigate<br/> the processes involved. Here we report on a modeling<br/> experiment using the Catchment Modeling Framework<br/> (CMF) where measured stable water isotopes in vertical<br/> soil profiles along a tropical mountainous grassland hillslope<br/> transect are traced through the model to resolve potential<br/> mixing processes. CMF simulates advective transport of<br/> stable water isotopes 18O and 2H based on the Richards equation<br/> within a fully distributed 2-D representation of the hillslope.<br/> The model successfully replicates the observed temporal<br/> pattern of soil water isotope profiles (R2 0.84 and Nash–<br/> Sutcliffe efficiency (NSE) 0.42). Predicted flows are in good<br/> agreement with previous studies. We highlight the importance<br/> of groundwater recharge and shallow lateral subsurface<br/> flow, accounting for 50 and 16% of the total flow leaving the<br/> system, respectively. Surface runoff is negligible despite the<br/> steep slopes in the Ecuadorian study region.
| isotopes | isotope tracers | hydrological catchment model |
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Journal: Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci.
Volume: 18
Issue: 10
Page Range: 4113-4127
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Individual: David Windhorst
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