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Volland, F.; Br&auml;uning, A.; Ganzhi, O.; Peters, T. &amp; Maza, H. (2011): <b>Radial stem variations of Tabebuia chrysantha (Bignoniaceae) in different tropical forest ecosystems of southern Ecuador</b>. <i>Trees</i> <b>25</b>, 39-48.

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Title: Radial stem variations of Tabebuia chrysantha (Bignoniaceae) in different tropical forest ecosystems of southern Ecuador
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Publication Date: 2011-02-01
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Individual: Franziska Volland
Individual: Achim Bräuning
Individual: Oswaldo Ganzhi
Individual: Thorsten Peters
Individual: Hector Maza
Stem diameter increments of the broadleaved deciduous tree species Tabebuia chrysantha were measured with high-resolution dendrometers in a tropical lower montane forest and in a dry forest in southern Ecuador, the latter showing a distinct dry season. Those analyses were complemented by wood anatomical studies on regularly collected microcores to determine the season of active cambial growth and the time of formation of annual growth boundaries. The length of the cambial active period varied between 3 and 7 months at the tropical lower montane forest and 2 and 4 months in the dry forest, respectively. During dry days, amplitudes of daily stem diameter variations correlated with vapour pressure deficit. During October and November, inter-annual climate variations may lead to dry and sunny conditions in the tropical lower montane forest, causing water deficit and stem diameter shrinkage in T. chrysantha. The results of the climate– growth analysis show a positive relationship between tree growth and rainfall as well as vapour pressure deficit in certain periods of the year, indicating that rainfall plays a major role for tree growth.
| Ecuador | dendrometer | Tabebuia chrysantha | tropical montane forest | wood anatomy | dendroecology |
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Journal: Trees
Volume: 25
Page Range: 39-48
Publisher: Springer
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Individual: Bernhard Runzheimer
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