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Preussig, M.; Nebel, M.; Oberwinkler, F. &amp; Wei&szlig;, M. (2009): <b>Diverging diversity patterns in the Tulasnella (Basidiomycota, Tulasnellales) mycobionts of Aneura pinguis (Marchantiophyta, Metzgeriales) from Europe and Ecuador</b>. <i>Mycorrhiza</i> <b>-</b>, xx-xx.

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Title: Diverging diversity patterns in the Tulasnella (Basidiomycota, Tulasnellales) mycobionts of Aneura pinguis (Marchantiophyta, Metzgeriales) from Europe and Ecuador
Short Name: diversity patterns in the Tulasnella mycobionts
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Publication Date: 2009-09-04
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Individual: Markus Preussig
Individual: Martin Nebel
Individual: Franz Oberwinkler
Individual: Michael Weiß
Aneura pinguis (Aneuraceae) is a cosmopolitan<br/> thalloid liverwort that shows a specific mycorrhiza-like<br/> interaction with basidiomycetes. To date, tropical specimens<br/> have not been studied in great depth. Samples of A.<br/> pinguis were collected from 48 individuals in one plot in<br/> South Ecuador and 54 individuals in five European<br/> countries. Light and transmission electron microscopy and<br/> molecular analyses based on nuclear rDNA coding for the<br/> ribosomal large subunit (nucLSU) and from the 5.8s-ITS2<br/> regions were carried out to identify the associated mycobionts<br/> and to study their phylogenetic relationships. Microscopic<br/> and ultrastructural investigations of the fungal colonisation<br/> showed a high congruence between the European and the<br/> Ecuadorian sites and confirmed previous results. Tulasnellales<br/> are the only mycobionts that could be detected from<br/> ultrastructural characters with certainty. Molecular phylogenetic<br/> analysis indicated the presence of tulasnelloid fungi<br/> from at least 13 distinct clades. The composition of the<br/> communities of tulasnelloid fungi in A. pinguis differs<br/> between Ecuador and Europe. The diversity of tulasnelloid<br/> fungal partners was much higher at the Ecuadorian site.
| South Ecuador | Tulasnellales | diversity | aneura pinguis | aneuraceae | mycobiont | europe | neotropical mountain rain forest |
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Journal: Mycorrhiza
Volume: -
Page Range: xx-xx
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
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Individual: Bernhard Runzheimer
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