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Farwig, N.; Bendix, J. &amp; Beck, E. (2017): <b>Introduction to the Special Issue “Functional monitoring in megadiverse tropical ecosystems”</b>. <i>Ecological indicators</i> <b>1</b>(1), 1-3.

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Title: Introduction to the Special Issue “Functional monitoring in megadiverse tropical ecosystems”
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Publication Date: 2017-03-06
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Individual: Nina Farwig
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Erwin Beck
Land-use and climate change are major threats to biodiversity and ecosystem functions. Most of the current biodiversity monitoring systems are based on periodic records of the populations of a set of threatened or popular ‘flagship’ indicator species. In contrast to the abundance-based monitoring of species, also specific indicators of processes and functional interactions in an ecosystem may become targets of a more functional monitoring which can unveil early responses of an ecosystem to environmental changes at different spatial and temporal scales. The contributions of this Special Issue present such functional indicators for assessing and predicting responses to environmental changes of ecosystem functions in a hotspot of tropical biodiversity.
| Ecuador | ecosystem services | Biodiversity | ecosystem functions | global change effects | functional monitoring systems |
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Journal: Ecological indicators
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Page Range: 1-3
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Individual: Christine Wallis
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