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Werner, F.A.; K&ouml;ster, N.; Kessler, M. &amp; Gradstein, S.R. (2011): <b>Is the resilience of epiphyte assemblages to human disturbance a function of local climate?</b>. <i>Ecotropica</i> <b>17</b>, 15-20.

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Title: Is the resilience of epiphyte assemblages to human disturbance a function of local climate?
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Publication Date: 2011-02-25
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Individual: Florian A. Werner
Individual: Nils Köster
Individual: Michael Kessler
Individual: S. Robbert Gradstein
Field studies have shown a wide array of responses of vascular epiphyte diversity to human disturbance-assem-<br/> blages of disturbed habitats range from largely unchanged to severely impoverished when compared with intact forest. This <br/> variability is not well understood. We explored the hypothesis that the relative impoverishment of disturbed-habitat epiphyte <br/> assemblages is a function of local climate, by analyzing the available literature on epiphyte diversity on isolated trees as a <br/> model system. We found that assemblages of moist and moderately seasonal areas experience considerably stronger impov-<br/> erishment than those of aseasonally wet or distinctly dry areas. We argue that the integrity of the vertical microclimatic <br/> gradient is more crucial for the maintenance of epiphyte diversity in moderately seasonal forests than in distinctly dry or <br/> aseasonally wet forests.
| climate | climate under canopy | precipitation | biodiversity | phyto-diversity | community ecology | composition | epiphyte | canopy | climate change | altitudinal gradient | Biodiversity conservation | edge effects | forest fragmentation | beta diversity | fragmentation | pastures | dry forest |
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Journal: Ecotropica
Volume: 17
Page Range: 15-20
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Individual: Florian A. Werner
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