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DFG Research Unit 816 (2011): <b>TMF Newsletter</b>, Issue 12. Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany.

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Title: TMF Newsletter
Short Name: TMF Newsletter 12
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Publication Date: 2011-05-01
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A delegation of the Germany Science Foundation (DFG) visited our RU and met people and organizations to take the next steps towards the new Research Platform to monitor global change. News in the science section offer insights into fungi inventories, mycorrhiza communities and bracken compositions, long term climate measurements, pollen rain calibrations, and into the evolution of moths megadiversity, which took place much earlier than previously supposed. One partner from EDIT reports that for some ants habitat may be more important than food. Further topics are how FOR816 datasets should be cited, new members of the RU and an exhibition in which research results of the RU will be displayed in several places in Germany.
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edited by Esther Schwarz-Weig,
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Report Number: 12
Publisher: Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg
Publication Place: Marburg, Germany
Total Pages: 18
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Individual: Maik Dobbermann
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