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DFG FOR2730 - RESPECT (2019): <b>Tabebuia Bulletin</b>, Issue 6. Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany.

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Title: Tabebuia Bulletin
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Publication Date: 2019-02-28
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The first Tabebuia Bulletin of our new Research Unit RESPECT summarizes the installation of our new plot system including the measuring devices and first verification of the newly established methods. First research achievements include the following aspects: plant functional types (PFT), water and carbon fluxes, tree above- and belowground traits, soil development, photosynthetic gas exchange measurements, abiotic covariates, functional trait diversity and herbivory, and optimization of biomass gain on pastures. Our partner NCI reports advances in the establishment of newly protected areas and the Ecuador’s INABIO institution introduces itself. Videos of our previous research are available via our website and data warehouse, which now also offers new search features for publications as well as upload information.
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Report Number: 6
Publisher: Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg
Publication Place: Marburg, Germany
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Individual: Maik Dobbermann
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