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DFG Research Unit 816 (2013): <b>TMF Newsletter</b>, Issue 19. Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany.

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Title: TMF Newsletter
Short Name: TMF Newsletter 19
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Publication Date: 2013-03-07
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20 groups of scientists representing a multitude of scientific disciplines summarize major results of their research in this last issue of the TMF Newsletter: They report about science-directed and sustainable land-use systems and present protocols for optimization of sustainable forest and pasture management. Specific reactions of species and of the ecosystem tropical mountain forest (TMF) to increasing loads of nutrient input are shown. The researchers also summarize effects of altered precipitation and temperatures on nitrogen fluxes as well as on plant and animal diversity. They furthermore improved their hydrological models of water fluxes. Landscape parameters and forest dynamics were analyzed to improve landslide models. New animal species and mycorrhiza types are presented, mycorrhiza biomass were determined, and it was analyzed which mycorrhizae foster young trees. How environmental change influences climate and the ecosystem is demonstrated. The milestones achieved in the data warehouse are visualized. The researchers also offer new methods and introduce species to successfully monitor global change impacts.
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Report Number: 19
Publisher: Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg
Publication Place: Marburg, Germany
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Individual: Maik Dobbermann
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