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DFG Research Unit 816 (2010): <b>TMF Newsletter</b>, Issue 8. Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany.

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Title: TMF Newsletter
Short Name: TMF Newsletter 8
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Publication Date: 2010-03-15
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The 8th TMF Newsletter informs about: Visiting DFG officials, the new structure<br/> during the second phase of the Research Unit, NCI proposes a bioknowledge<br/> program, new mycobiotns of orchids discovered, cooperation with scientists from<br/> EDIT who explore ants, beetles and flies in the RBSF area and amongst others<br/> data warehouse news as well as new people and staff members.
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edited by Esther Schwarz-Weig,
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Report Number: 8
Publisher: Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg
Publication Place: Marburg, Germany
Total Pages: 13
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Individual: Maik Dobbermann
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