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DFG Research Unit 816 (2010): <b>TMF Newsletter</b>, Issue 10. Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany.

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Title: TMF Newsletter
Short Name: TMF Newsletter 10
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Publication Date: 2010-10-15
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The tenth TMF Newsletter summarizes what's new at the approaching Symposium of the Research Unit (RU). It describes how the research permits for the study area in Ecuador may be influenced by the upcoming CBD conference in Nagoya, Japan. NCI informs about a 1.5 Million fund for conservation and bioknowledge. One research group illuminates the competition between bracken fern and Setaria grass. Another group calculated the price which may be able to prevent further deforestation. And the warehouse managers explain how the RU's database is interrelated with databases from other ecologists and the World Wide Web.
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edited by Esther Schwarz-Weig,
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Report Number: 10
Publisher: Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing (LCRS), University of Marburg
Publication Place: Marburg, Germany
Total Pages: 9
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Individual: Maik Dobbermann
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