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Aramayo, V.; W&ouml;rle, A. &amp; Hildebrandt, P. (2018): <b>Manual curso de arborismo para la recolecci&oacute;n de semillas</b>, Issue 1. Instituto di Silvicultura TUM, Freising, Germany.

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Title: Manual curso de arborismo para la recolección de semillas
FOR816dw ID: 1836
Publication Date: 2018-12-05
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Individual: Violeta Aramayo
Individual: Alfred Wörle
Individual: Patrick Hildebrandt
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NUEVOS BOSQUES PARA ECUADOR<br/> Serie de Reportes Técnicos en el Proyecto DFG “Facilitation of Biodiversity by Shelter Effects of Pinus patula and Alnus acuminata in Montane Ecosystems of South Ecuador” (Nuevos Bosques para Ecuador).<br/> Editores: Reinhard Mosandl, Sven Günter, Patrick Hildebrandt, Bernd Stimm<br/>
| reforestation | Biodiversity conservation | tree seeds | landscape restoration |
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Report Number: 1
Publisher: Instituto di Silvicultura TUM
Publication Place: Freising, Germany
Total Pages: 25
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Individual: Bernd Stimm
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