Overview of subprojects

A1 Atmospheric fluxes and optical trait diversity under climate and land use changes - observations and LSM modelling

A2 Simulating response and effect mechanisms of global climate change on hydrological fluxes in tropical montane ecosystems

A3 Nährstoffversorgung als Treiber der Biomasseproduktion und der mit ihr verbundenen Wasserflüsse entlang eines Landnutzungs- und Klimagradienten

A4 Integration of ecophysiological processes and biotic interactions within a dynamic vegetation model (LSMBio): tree hydraulics, trait diversity, tree recruitment and insect herbivory

B1 Linking tree above- and belowground traits across environmental and disturbance gradients in highly diverse tropical montane forests

B2 Tree physiological and structural properties as response and effect traits of bioticatmospheric interactions in natural and anthropogenic eco-systems in South Ecuador

B3 Trait-dependent effects of biotic and abiotic filters on plant regeneration

B4 Integrating abiotic covariates, functional trait diversity and consequences of important processes on the ecosystem level

X1 Phänologie tropischer Baumarten - Umwelteinflüsse, molekulare Mechanismen und Konsequenzen für Tier-Pflanze-Interaktionen

X2 Radar Network Ecuador - Peru

Z Coordination and Data Management


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