Dr. Ruetger Rollenbeck

Member in A3.1: Long range transport of Nutrients | Member in B3.1: Climate dynamics: past and present | Member in C3.1: The threat of southern bracken: Investigation and modelling of a fire-triggered succession that leads to the destruction of pastures in the area of the tropical mountain rain forest of southern Ecuador, and the potential for repastorization of abandoned areas | Member in B1: The biology of southern bracken in the anthropogenic ecosystem in the San Francisco valley of South Ecuador | Member in D3: Impacts of environmental change on climate and ecosystem in southern Ecuador | Member in T2: Knowledge Transfer in South Ecuador: RADARNET SUR - Operational rainfall monitoring in southern Ecuador | Member in C12: Climate indicators on the local scale for past, present and future, and platform data management. |


Laboratory for Climatology and Remote Sensing
Faculty of Geography
Philipps University of Marburg
Deutschhausstr. 10
35032 Marburg




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