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Haug, I.; Setaro, S. & Suarez, J.P. (2019): Species composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal communities changes with elevation in the Andes of South Ecuador. PLOS ONE 14(8), 1-19.
Urgiles , N.; Haug, I.; Setaro, S. & Aguirre, N. 2016: Introduction to Mycorrhizas in the Tropics with Emphasis on the Montane Forest in Southern Ecuador.: Estudios de Bioversidad 4 (EDILOJA Cía. Ltda., Loja).
Kottke, I.; Setaro, S.; Haug, I.; Herrera, P.; Cruz, D.; Suarez, J.P.; Fries, A.; Adams, J.; Gerique, A.; Homeier, J. & Werner, F.A. (2013): Mycorrhiza Networks Promote Biodiversity and Stabilize the Tropical Mountain Rain Forest Ecosystem: Perspectives for Understanding Complex Communities. In: J. Bendix, E. Beck, A. Bräuning, F. Makeschin, R. Mosandl, S. Scheu, W. Wilcke. (eds.): Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Environmental Change in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of Sou l ( 221), Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 438.
Haug, I.; Setaro, S. & Suarez, J.P. (2013): Reforestation sites show similar and nested AMF communities to an adjacent pristine forest in a tropical mountain area of South Ecuador . PLOS ONE 8, e63524.
Setaro, S.; Garnica, S.; Herrera, P. & Goeker, M. (2011): A clustering optimization strategy to estimate species richness of Sebacinales in the tropical Andes based on molecular sequences from distinct DNA regions. Biodiversity and Conservation 21, 2269-2285.
Setaro, S. & Kron, K. (2011): Neotropical and North American Vaccinioideae (Ericaceae) share their mycorrhizal Sebacinales - an indication for concerted migration?. PLoS Currents: Tree of Life NA, NA.
Haug, I.; Preussig, M.; Setaro, S.; Suarez, J.P.; Oberwinkler, F. & Kottke, I. (2008): Mycorrhizal fungi checklist. In: S. Liede-Schumann; S.-W. Breckle (eds.): Provisional checklist of flora and fauna of the San Francisco Valley and surroundings (1 st 4), Society of Tropical Ecology, Bonn, 119-123.
Kottke, I.; Beck, A.; Haug, I.; Setaro, S. & Suarez, J.P. (2008): Mycorrhizal fungi and plant diversity in tropical mountain rainforest. In: S. Robbert Gradstein; Jürgen Homeier; Dirk Gansert (eds.): The Tropical Mountain Forest (Biodiversity and Ecology Series 2), Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 67-78.
Kottke, I.; Beck, A.; Haug, I.; Setaro, S.; Jeske, V.; Suarez, J.P.; Paxmiño, L.; Preussig, M.; Nebel, M. & Oberwinkler, F. (2008): Mycorrhizal state and new and special features of mycorrhizae of trees, ericads, orchids, ferns and liverworts in the tropical mountain rain forest of South Ecuador. In: Beck, Erwin; Bendix, Jörg; Kottke, Ingrid; Makeschin, Franz; Mosandl, Reinhard (eds.): Gradients in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of Ecuador (Ecological Studies 198), Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 137-147.
Setaro, S.; Kottke, I. & Oberwinkler, F. (2006): Anatomy and ultrastructure of mycorrhizal associations of neotropical Ericaceae. Mycological Progress 5, 243-254.
Kottke, I.; Haug, I.; Setaro, S.; Suarez, J.P.; Weiß, M.; Preussig, M.; Nebel, M. & Oberwinkler, F. (2008): Guilds of mycorrhizal fungi and their relation to trees, ericads, orchids and liverworts in a neotropical mountain rain forest . Basic and Applied Ecology 9, 13-23.
Setaro, S.; Weiß, M.; Oberwinkler, F. & Kottke, I. (2006): Sebacinales form ectendomycorrhizas with Cavendishia nobilis, a member of the Andean clade of Ericaceae, in the mountain rain forest of southern Ecuador. New Phytologist 169, 355-365.
Haug, I.; Lempe, J.; Homeier, J.; Weiß, M.; Setaro, S.; Oberwinkler, F. & Kottke, I. (2004): Graffenrieda emarginata (Melastomataceae) forms mycorrhizas with Glomeromycota and with a member of Hymenoscyphus ericae aggr. in the organic soil of a neotropical mountain rain forest. Canadian Journal of Botany 82, 340-356.
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