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Oñate-Valdivieso, F.; Fries, A.; Mendoza, K.; Gonzales-Jaramillo, V.; Pucha Cofrep, F.; Rollenbeck, R. & Bendix, J. (2017): Temporal and spatial analysis of precipitation patterns in an Andean region of southern Ecuador using LAWR weather radar. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 129(295), 1-12.
Pucha Cofrep, D.A. (2016): Environmental signals in radial growth, stable isotope variations and nutrient concentration of trees from different forest ecosystems in southern Ecuador Institute of Geography, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, phd thesis
Pucha Cofrep, D.A.; Peters, T. & Bräuning, A. (2015): Wet season precipitation during the past 120 years reconstructed from tree rings of a tropical dry forest in Southern Ecuador. Global and Planetary Change 133, 65–78.
Krashevska, V.; Sandmann, D.; Maraun, M. & Scheu, S. (2012): Consequences of exclusion of precipitation on microorganisms and microbial consumers in montane tropical rainforests.. Oecologia 170, 1067-1076.
Werner, F.A.; Köster, N.; Kessler, M. & Gradstein, S.R. (2011): Is the resilience of epiphyte assemblages to human disturbance a function of local climate?. Ecotropica 17, 15-20.
Rollenbeck, R. & Bendix, J. (2011): Rainfall distribution in the Andes of southern Ecuador derived from blending weather radar data and meteorological field observations. . Atmos. Res. 99, 277?289.
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