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Brunschön, C. & Behling, H. (2010): Reconstruction and visualization of upper forest line and vegetation changes in the Andean depression region of southeastern Ecuador since the last glacial maximum ? A multi-site synthesis. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology -, 14 p..
Bachmann, S.C. (2016): Untersuchungen zur räumlichen Varianz der Isotopenverhältnisse im Holz von Cedrela montana in Bergregenwäldern Südecuadors Institute of Geography, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, bachelor thesis
Riahi, M. (2016): Three-locus barcoding of trees in an Ecuadorian mountain rain forest. University of Marburg, Faculty of Biology, Conservation Biology, bachelor thesis
Pucha Cofrep, D.A. (2016): Environmental signals in radial growth, stable isotope variations and nutrient concentration of trees from different forest ecosystems in southern Ecuador Institute of Geography, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, phd thesis
Wallis, C.; Brehm, G.; Donoso, D.A.; Fiedler, K.; Homeier, J.; Paulsch, D.; Suessenbach, D.; Tiede, Y.; Brandl, R.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2017): Remote sensing improves prediction of tropical montane species diversity but performance differs among taxa. Ecological Indicators 1(1), 1-10.
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