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Timbe, E. (2015): Water flow dynamics assessment for a tropical montane forest basin by means of spatially differentiated multi-criteria University of Giessen - Institute of Landscape Ecology and Resources Management, phd thesis
Mosquera, G.; Segura, C.; Vaché, K.; Windhorst, D.; Breuer, L. & Crespo, P. (2016): Insights into the water mean transit time in a high-elevation tropical ecosystem. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) 20(7), 2987-3004.
Timbe, E.; Windhorst, D.; Crespo, P.; Frede, H.; Feyen, J. & Breuer, L. (2014): Understanding uncertainties when inferring mean transit times of water trough tracer-based lumped-parameter models in Andean tropical montane cloud forest catchments. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18(4), 1503-1523.
Crespo, P.; Bücker, A.; Feyen, J.; Frede, H. & Breuer, L. (2012): Preliminary evaluation of the runoff processes in a remote montane cloud forest basin using Mixing Model Analysis and Mean Transit Time. Hydrological Processes -, -.
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