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Schleuning, M.; Neuschulz, E.; Albrecht, J.; Bender, I.M.; Bowler, D.; Dehling, D.; Fritz, S.; Hof, C.; Mueller, T.; Nowak, L.; Sorensen, M.; Boehning-Gaese, K. & Kissling, W. (2020): Trait-Based Assessments of Climate-Change Impacts on Interacting Species. Trends in Ecology and Evolution xxx-xxx, xxx-xxx.
Pierick, K. (2017): Variation of tree fine root traits along a topographical gradient in an Ecuadorian tropical montane forest University of Goettingen, master thesis
Cárate Tandalla, D.; Camenzind, T.; Leuschner, C. & Homeier, J. (2018): Contrasting species responses to continued nitrogen and phosphorus addition in tropical montane forest tree seedlings. Biotropica 50(2), 234-245.
Báez, S. & Homeier, J. (2018): Functional traits determine tree growth and ecosystem productivity of a tropical montane forest: Insights from a long-term nutrient manipulation experiment. Global Change Biology 24(1), 399-409.
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