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Quichimbo Miguitama, P.G.; Jiménez, L.S.; Veintimilla, D.; Potthast, K.; Tischer, A.; Günter, S.; Mosandl, R. & Hamer, U. (2019): Nutrient dynamics in an Andean forest region: a case study of exotic and native species plantations in southern Ecuador. New Forests -, 1 - 22.
Tischer, A.; Werisch, M.; Döbbelin, F.; Camenzind, T.; Rillig, M.C.; Potthast, K. & Hamer, U. (2015): Above- and belowground linkages of a nitrogen and phosphorus co-limited tropical mountain pasture system – responses to nutrient enrichment. Plant and Soil -(-), 1-20.
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