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Bodner, F.; Strutzenberger, P.; Brehm, G. & Fiedler, K. (2012): Species Richness and Host Specificity among Caterpillar Ensembles on Shrubs in the Andes of Southern Ecuador. Neotropical Entomology n/a, n/a.
Bodner, F. (2011): Caterpillar communities on shrubs in the montane forest zone of southern Ecuador University of Vienna, phd thesis
Bodner, F.; Mahal, S.; Reuter, M. & Fiedler, K. (2010): Feasibility of a combined sampling approach for studying caterpillar assemblages ? a case study from shrubs in the Andean montane forest zone. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 43, 27-35.
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