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Urgiles , N.; Struß, A.; Loján Amijos, P. & Schüßler, A. (2014): Cultured arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and native soil inocula improve seedling development of two pioneer trees in the Andean region. New Forests 45, 859–874.
Schüßler, A.; Krüger, C. & Urgiles , N. (2016): Phylogenetically diverse AM fungi from Ecuador strongly improve seedling growth of native potential crop trees. Mycorrhiza 26(3), 199--207.
Urgiles , N.; Haug, I.; Setaro, S. & Aguirre, N. 2016: Introduction to Mycorrhizas in the Tropics with Emphasis on the Montane Forest in Southern Ecuador.: Estudios de Bioversidad 4 (EDILOJA Cía. Ltda., Loja).
Krüger, C. (2014): Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for reforestation of native tropical trees in the Andes of South Ecuador LMU München, phd thesis
Krüger, C.; Walker, C. & Schüßler, A. (2014): Scutellospora savannicola: redescription, epitypification, DNA barcoding and transfer to Dentiscutata . Mycological Progress 13(4), 1165-1178.
Urgiles , N.; Loján Amijos, P.; Aguirre, N.; Blaschke, H.; Günter, S.; Stimm, B. & Kottke, I. (2009): Application of mycorrhizal roots improves growth of tropical tree seedlings in the nursery: a step towards reforestation with native species in the Andes of Ecuador. New Forests 38(3), 229-239.
Krüger, M.; Stockinger, H.; Krüger, C. & Schüßler, A. (2009): DNA-based species-level detection of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: one PCR primer set for all AMF. New Phytologist 183, 212-223.
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