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Dietrich, K.; Spöri, E. & Oelmann, Y. (2016): Nutrient addition modifies phosphatase activities along an altitudinal gradient in a tropical montane forest in Southern Ecuador. Frontiers in Earth Science 4, 1-9.
Camenzind, T.; Papathanasiou, H.J.; Förster, A.; Dietrich, K.; Hertel, D.; Homeier, J.; Oelmann, Y.; Olsson, P.A.; Suarez, J.P. & Rillig, M.C. (2016): Increases in Soil Aggregation Following Phosphorus Additions in a Tropical Premontane Forest are Not Driven by Root and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Abundances. Frontiers in Earth Science 3(89), e.
Camenzind, T.; Homeier, J.; Dietrich, K.; Hempel, S.; Hertel, D.; Krohn, A.; Leuschner, C.; Oelmann, Y.; Olsson, P.A.; Suarez, J.P. & Rillig, M.C. (2016): Opposing effects of nitrogen versus phosphorus additions on mycorrhizal fungal abundance along an elevational gradient in tropical montane forests. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 94, 37-47.
Münch, E. (2015): Baseline P storage and availability in soil in forest ecosystems in South Ecuador University of Tübingen, bachelor thesis
Spöri, E. (2015): Phosphatase Activity in Soil of an Ecuadorian Tropical Montane Rainforest University of Tuebingen, bachelor thesis
Schwarz, M.T.; Oelmann, Y. & Wilcke, W. (2011): Stable N isotope composition of nitrate reflects N transformations during the passage of water through a montane rain forest in Ecuador. Biogeochemístry 102, 195-208.
Wilcke, W.; Günter, S.; Alt, F.; Geißler, C.; Boy, J.; Knuth, J.; Oelmann, Y.; Weber, M.; Valarezo, C. & Mosandl, R. (2009): Response of water and nutrient fluxes to improvement fellings in a tropical montane forest in Ecuador. Forest Ecology and Management 257, 1292-1304.
Wilcke, W.; Oelmann, Y.; Schmitt, A.; Valarezo, C.; Zech, W. & Homeier, J. (2008): Soil properties and tree growth along an altitudinal transect in Ecuadorian tropical montane forest. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 171, 220-230.
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