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Nellessen, T. (2020): Does sodium stimulate the decomposition of the organic layer in two tropical rain forests in Ecuador? Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Institut für Geographie und Geoökologie, bachelor thesis
Wyss, M. (2013): Mikronährlimitierung von Mikroorganismen in einem tropischen Bergregenwald in Ecuador University of Berne, bachelor thesis
Münch, E. (2015): Baseline P storage and availability in soil in forest ecosystems in South Ecuador University of Tübingen, bachelor thesis
Eugster, A. (2014): Streueintraege und Umsatzzeiten von Schwermetallen in einem suedecuadorianischen Regenwald University of Berne, bachelor thesis
Ließ, M.; Hitziger, M. & Huwe, B. (2014): The Sloping Mire Soil-Landscape of Southern Ecuador: Influence of Predictor Resolution and Model Tuning on Random Forest Predictions. Applied and Environmental Soil Science 2014(603132), 10 pages.
Wolf, K.; Flessa, H. & Veldkamp, E. (2011): Atmospheric methane uptake by tropical montane forest soils and the contribution of the organic layer. Biogeochemistry online, 15.
Bauer, F. (2011): Water flow paths in soils of an undisturbed and landslide affected mature montane rainforest in South Ecuador University of Bayreuth, department of soil physics (Prof. Dr. Bernd Huwe), phd thesis
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