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Cabrera, O.; Hildebrandt, P.; Stimm, B.; Günter, S.; Fries, A. & Mosandl, R. (2020): Functional Diversity Changes after Selective Thinning in a Tropical Mountain Forest in Southern Ecuador. Diversity 12(6), 256.
Posselt, S. (2010): Influence of silvicultural treatments on natural regeneration in a tropical mountain rainforest in Ecuador Technische Universität München, diploma thesis
Weißbrod, M. (2009): Enrichment plantings with native tree species in a tropical mountain forest of southern Ecuador Technische Universität München, diploma thesis
Knoke, T. & Hahn, A. (2013): Global Change and the Role of Forests in Future Land-Use Systems. In: R. Matyssek, N. Clarke, P. Cudlin, T.N. Mikkelsen, J.-P. Tuovinen, G. Wieser; E. Paoletti (eds.): Climate Change, Air Pollution and Global Challenges Understanding and Perspectives from Forest Resea ( 13), Elsevier, Series: Developments in Environmental Science, 569-588.
Paul, C. & Knoke, T. (2015): Between land sharing and land sparing – what role remains for forest management and conservation?. International Forestry Review 17(2), 210-230.
Kuptz, D.; Grams, T. & Günter, S. (2010): Light acclimation of four native tree species in felling gaps within a tropical mountain rain forest. Trees - Structure and Function 24(1), 117-127.
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