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Landshuter, N.; Mölg, T.; Grießinger, J.; Bräuning, A.; Peters, T. & Institute of Geography, F.E.E.G. (2020): Characteristics of moisture source regions and their potential effect on seasonal isotopic signatures of d18O in tropical trees of southern Ecuador. Frontiers in Earth Science 8(604804), 1-22.
Behling, H. & Schüler, L. (2010): Characteristics of Poaceae pollen grains as a tool to assess palaeoecological grassland dynamics in South America. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 20, 97-108.
Schüler, L. & Behling, H. (2010): Poaceae pollen grain size as a tool to distinguish past grasslands in South America - a new methodological approach. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 20, 83-96.
Berg, C. & Homeier, J. (2010): Three new species of South American Moraceae. Blumea 55, 196-200.
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