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Corti, N. (2014): Forest Burned Area Mapping in Ecuador using Mono-Temporal RapidEye Inmagery and Object Based Image Analysis - Master Thesis Fachgebiet für Waldinventur und nachhaltige Nutzung, Technische Universität München, master thesis
Acevedo Cabra, R.; Wiersma, Y.; Ankerst, D. & Knoke, T. (2014): Assessment of Wildfire Hazards with a Semiparametric Spatial Approach: A Case Study of Wildfires in South America. Environ Model Assess 19(6), 533-546.
Rodriguez, F. & Behling, H. (2012): Late Quaternary vegetation, climate and fire dynamics, and evidence of early to mid-Holocene Polylepis forests in the Jimbura region of the southernmost Ecuadorian Andes. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 350-352, 247-257.
Rodriguez, F. & Behling, H. (2010): Late Holocene vegetation, fire, climate and upper forest line dynamics in the Podocarpus National Park, southeastern Ecuador. Vegetation History and Archeobotany --, 14 p..
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