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Liedtke, R. (2016): Mobile and Soil Bonded Phosphomonoesterase Activity of the Organic Layer along an Altitudinal Gradient in South Ecuador University of Tuebingen, bachelor thesis
Werner, F.A.; Köster, N.; Kessler, M. & Gradstein, S.R. (2011): Is the resilience of epiphyte assemblages to human disturbance a function of local climate?. Ecotropica 17, 15-20.
Wittich, B.; Homeier, J. & Leuschner, C. (2014): Ammonium, nitrate and glycine uptake of six Ecuadorian tropical montane forest tree species: an in situ pot experiment with saplings. Journal of Tropical Ecology xx, xx.
Wittich, B.; Horna, V.; Homeier, J. & Leuschner, C. (2012): Altitudinal decrease in photosynthetic capacity in tropical trees: A case study from Ecuador and a pantropical literature analysis. Ecosystems 15, 958-973.
Wolf, K.; Flessa, H. & Veldkamp, E. (2011): Atmospheric methane uptake by tropical montane forest soils and the contribution of the organic layer. Biogeochemistry online, 15.
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