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Paulick, S.; Dislich, C.; Homeier, J.; Fischer, R. & Huth, A. (2017): The carbon fluxes in different successional stages: modelling the dynamics of tropical montane forests in South Ecuador. Forest Ecosystems 4, 5.
Vorpahl, P.; Dislich, C.; Elsenbeer, H.; Märker, M. & Schröder, B. (2012): Biotic controls on shallow translational landslides. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 38, 198-212.
Huth, A.; Dislich, C.; Florian, H. & Thorsten, W. (2014): Approximate Bayesian parameterization of a process-based tropical forest model. Biogeosciences 11, 1261-1272.
Knoke, T. & Huth, A. (2011): Modelling Forest Growth and Finance: Often Disregarded Tools in Tropical Land Management. In: Guenter, S., Weber, M., Stimm, B., Mosandl, R. (eds.): Silviculture in the Tropics (S. Guenter et al. (eds.), Silviculture in the Tropics Tropical F), Springer, 129-142.
Vorpahl, P.; Elsenbeer, H.; Märker, M. & Schröder, B. (2012): How can statistical models help to determine driving factors of landslides?. Ecological Modelling 239, 27-39.
Dislich, C. & Huth, A. (2012): Modelling the impact of shallow landslides on forest structure in tropical montane forests. Ecological Modelling 239, 40-53.
Dislich, C. (2012): The role of life history traits for coexistence and forest recovery after disturbance ? a modelling perspective. Towards a better understanding of species-rich forests University of Bayreuth, phd thesis
Dislich, C.; Günter, S.; Homeier, J.; Schröder, B. & Huth, A. (2009): Simulating forest dynamics of a tropical montane forest in South Ecuador . Erdkunde 63, 347-364.
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